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Local Bozeman Second Serve President Meg Mccarty joined our team in October 2020 and has been a phenomenal contributor ever since. Meg was eager to be a part of Second Serve because tennis means everything to her, and she is eager to spread the joy it has brought her to as many kids as possible. Meg said, “ I would stop at nothing to be able to give the opportunity to play tennis to kids who have never had. Tennis has been such a big part of my life growing up, so I enjoy other kids being able to experience it! It teaches values such as hard work, resilience, and dedication, along with the overall happiness it brings!.” 


Meg has done a lot of hard work to establish a partnership with the local Montana Indian Reservations so that Second Serve can support the underprivileged kids there who have a passion for tennis. When Meg met with the Montana Board of Tennis, she learned that due to COVID-19, the kids on the Indian Reservation haven’t had normal support and access to equipment.  Because Hardin, MT (the town on the edge of the Crow Reservation) is a small town where tennis is not a very popular activity, the donations gave the kids the opportunity to play whenever they wanted! Also, as they were just beginning their high school tennis season, they got new equipment to play with. Second Serve is so grateful that we can step in to help them and as a 2020 holiday gift, we gave the kids 50 brand-new DeuceKat sponsored tennis bags, each filled with a tennis racket. Additionally, we provided some tennis shoes and tennis clothes as well. Overall, Meg has donated a total of 400 items and intends to keep increasing that number. Furthermore, Meg has plans to begin sending donations internationally soon! We are thrilled to see the wonderful smiles these donations will bring and hope they will help the community find joy through tennis!

By Sahil Shah

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