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Senior Ashlyn Pradier attends Tustin Connect High School. She has been a part of Second Serve since May 2022 and continues to create a positive impact on children all over the nation. Ashlyn has recently made a partnership with Pass Kids in Scottsdale, Arizona. Pass Kids provides underprivileged children with free tennis lessons after school. 


“After doing research on organizations to send emails to, I stumbled upon Pass Kids and skimmed through their website. I found that Pass Kids would possibly benefit from our donations so I immediately sent out an email. After a month of waiting, the director responded back asking if the offer was still on the table. It for sure was, I'm looking forward to providing kids in the after-school program with tennis equipment and for them to develop an interest in tennis,” explained Ashlyn.


Ashlyn is 17 years old and has been playing tennis for 12 years. Although Ashlyn is not as much of an avid tennis player as she has been in previous years, she recognizes the importance of tennis and the impact the sport has on her life. 


“I no longer play tennis the way I used to as I am getting ready to move on to college, but tennis has taught me many life lessons that I continue to use every day,” said Ashlyn. Ashlyn is a great example of how even what seems like small contributions, like sending out an email, can lead to the spread of tennis and the positivity that comes with it. We can all make a difference. 

By Brooke Herstein

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