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Aadi Huria, a Second Serve Regional President in Detroit, Michigan, has been playing tennis for five years and absolutely loves the sport. Aadi’s passion for tennis extends further than the fences of the tennis court as he finds joy in helping make tennis accessible for all children.


“I joined Second Serve because I believe that every kid who has the desire to play should have the opportunity to enjoy and benefit from tennis just like I have,” Aadi said.


Aadi organized and hosted a tournament on June 27, 2021 in order to raise money for a future tournament he will be hosting late July or early August of 2022. This first tournament took place at the tennis courts at his high school and raised over $400 to fund this upcoming tournament, boosting the spirits of participants. 


This future tournament will be held for children at local NJTL sites, which is a network of organizations that provide children with affordable or free access to tennis programs. The money raised from the previous tournament will be used towards sponsoring tennis courts, equipment, refreshments and medals for the upcoming summer tournament.


In addition to hosting this amazing tournament and raising money, Aadi recently collected 135 pieces of tennis equipment from the four donation boxes he set up in tennis clubs across Southeastern Michigan, which he donated to the Opportunity Tennis Academy. Children who participate in the Opportunity Tennis Academy will now be able to use this donated equipment at no cost.


Aadi is also in the process of founding a Second Serve club at his own high school, where he and other members will continue to collect tennis equipment and provide free tennis training at local NJTL sites. For Aadi, the joy of tennis is all about helping other kids get to play the game.


“I just love the idea of making tennis more affordable for kids who love the sport,” Aadi said.

By Sydney Herstein

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