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By Ali Al Mahdawi

Recently we visited San Pasqual during their final game against Escondido High, where we interacted with the individuals on the Escondido High School Women’s Tennis Program about their experiences and the dynamics of being within a program without proper equipment and with proper equipment. We then met a wonderful young lady, Alana, a 16-year-old junior who plays both singles and doubles and who shared her love for her tennis in the joy she felt within a team.

She had said that she had wanted to join the team a year before her joining and she felt restricted that she wouldn’t get along with the other girls. However, with the other girls she mentioned, “Even if I am not close with some of the other girls, I still have fun with them.” Essentially showing the possibilities of just being able to take a leap of faith and having many opportunities within life and not just in tennis. 

    Alana recalled that one of the biggest skills that she was able to pull from tennis was management skills with her emotions. She might from time to time get upset with games she learned with the coach's support to control her emotions. Aside from making friends and creating connections, Tennis has allowed Alana to gain mental and emotional stability from frustration during games. 

    One of the most joyous highlights of her season was during an away game bus ride in which Alana and her friend had sung Chicago by Michael Jackson the whole bus ride home. She mentioned that it had brought her joy and many memories that she is able to recall. She also mentioned that some players are not able to play doubles with their best friends, her included, because they are always laughing and unable to get good practice in, which seems like a positive “problem.”


    Alana shared her experiences with Second Serve stating “I was so excited, the matching uniforms were so cute.” She felt that they were more of a team when they were matching with the same colors and felt that their bond as a team was strengthened through the matching uniforms. Second Serve had brought her happiness and joy within her tennis program creating many remarkable friendships and memories.

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