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By Chase Lacny

The tennis courts at Orange Glen High School are more than just a battleground for matches; they're a breeding ground for camaraderie and social growth. In a candid discussion with the team, Andre Sanchez shared how tennis has been a game-changer for him. The sport has not only sharpened his teamwork skills but also opened doors to new friendships and social opportunities. Andre's story is a mirror to the experience of many teenagers who find common ground and a sense of community through the sport.

The recent influx of new equipment, including 25 sleek uniforms and 10 rackets, has brought a new wave of enthusiasm to the OGHS tennis team. This significant upgrade has ensured that all members can participate fully, eliminating the setbacks of inadequate gear that previously left some on the bench, spectating rather than playing.

Your contributions have a profound effect on programs like the one at Orange Glen High. With each donation, you're not just giving the gift of sports equipment; you're investing in the social fabric of the students' lives. These donations enable the tennis program to serve as a conduit for relationship-building and social interaction, enriching the high school experience for each team member.

Through the generosity of supporters, the OGHS tennis team has been transformed. The players now not only boast matching attire that fosters team unity, but they also carry the invaluable benefit of an inclusive environment where every player has the chance to serve, volley, and socialize on equal footing.

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