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By Kennedy Kirby

It was another awesome day for tennis at Escondido High School as they took on San Pasqual. But the real story here is about the journey from playing to coaching for assistant coach Lauren, and how a donation from Second Serve can make a big splash.

"Switching from being on the team to leading it is totally different," Lauren says, watching the action on the courts. "Becoming a coach really opened my eyes to how much influence you have. The girls? They’re pretty much like my own kids now."

There's this special vibe you feel around the team, like they're all in it together, through thick and thin. And it's not just the tough matches and high-fives that bring them closer – it's moments like opening the box of new gear that pull the team together.

"When we handed out those new uniforms, their faces were priceless – like kids on Christmas morning. We don't get a lot of perks, so this was huge,” Lauren shares. "Seeing how thankful they were just blew me away."

The Athleta uniforms were more than just gear; they were a sign that people believe in these players. It’s a big deal that goes way beyond just looking sharp on the court. The Escondido High School tennis team is incredibly grateful to Athleta for their generous sponsorship of the team!

Lauren's ride with the team has been one amazing adventure, filled with laughs, life lessons, and a whole lot of heart. "These girls come from all over the map, with different stories and struggles. But when they play, they play as one – no one's left behind," she says with pride.

Watching this group, you see more than just a tennis team – you see a bunch of friends who've got each other's backs no matter what. And that’s something to cheer about, both on and off the court. Escondido High’s tennis crew shows us that sports are about way more than just scores – it's about friendship, overcoming the odds, and celebrating those awesome little victories, like getting new uniforms.

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