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By Diego Nunez

Local St. Louis Second Serve President Ariel Madatali joined our team in June 2020 and has been a extraordinary contributor ever since. Ariel was eager to be a part of Second Serve because she feels that tennis is an amazing sport, and feels like everyone should be able to play it, and have the equipment to do so. ”Tennis is very important to me, and I want to help spread the joy of playing it!” Ariel said. Ariel said that she loves Second Serve and the opportunities that it’s given her, “I get to meet new people and give life to equipment no ones using anymore! My favourite thing is seeing the kids faces and photos of them after I ship it off!”

Ariel has done a lot of hard work to create a partnership with communities ranging from the US all the way to India! She has donated over 300+ items and has more items waiting to be donated! By the end of the summer, Ariel plans to donate 150-200 more items that can help underprivileged kids. She worked extremely hard to acquire all these donations and we are thrilled to see the wonderful smiles these donations will bring and hope they will help the community find joy through tennis!

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