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By Rey Lowenthal

At 15 years old, Jessica has really hit her stride with her tennis team in Escondido. Two years in and the court has become more than just a place to play—it's where she's found her tribe. They're not just teammates; they've grown into a family, one that knows how to turn even a defeat into a reason to rally.

Remembering senior night brings a smile — they pulled off the ultimate surprise, dousing their captain with ice water. It was a moment of pure, shared hilarity that sealed their bond. And when they upgraded to those sleek new uniforms, it felt like they were putting on a team crest, a visual shout-out to their unity and spirit.

The team's energy is the real MVP on tough days. It's contagious, the kind of pick-me-up that everyone needs when the going gets rough. The members on the EHS tennis team have shown Jessica what it means to have each other's backs, to show kindness and give respect, on and off the court.

For Jessica and her team, the new uniforms were a game-changer. The crisp fabric, sporting their team colors, seemed to put an extra spring in their steps. Every time they suited up, it was a reminder that they were part of something bigger than themselves. It wasn’t just about looking good – though they did look sharp as tacks – it was about feeling good, feeling like a unit. Pulling on that jersey became a pre-game ritual that got them in the zone and made them feel invincible as they walked onto the court.

Tennis for Jessica isn't just a sport; it's the backdrop to the life lessons and friendships that are shaping her into who she is becoming. Every game is more than just a match; it's a chapter in her journey with her second family.

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