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By Kennedy Kirby

Seventeen-year-old Keelam, with two years of tennis under her belt, has become an integral part of the Escondido High School tennis team. Her enthusiasm for the sport is matched by her appreciation for the supportive atmosphere fostered among the members. "We all support each other by giving positive feedback and not being mean about it," Keelam articulates, highlighting the constructive and encouraging team dynamics.

One of the most fun experiences for Keelam was an away game that was more than the usual competitive tension, evolving into a cherished moment. "They were all laughing and just having a really good time together," she recounts, emphasizing the camaraderie and shared joy that became the hallmarks of her team experience.

For Keelam, tennis serves as a reliable source of solace and rejuvenation. "Sometimes when I’m having a bad day tennis can make me feel better, I get more energy and I get to play with my friends," she reveals. This statement underscores the sport's role not just as a physical activity but as a vessel for emotional uplift and social interaction.

The significance of the team's uniform cannot be overstated in Keelam's perspective. She observes the transformation in team unity with the acquisition of matching attire: "Before we had matching uniforms, we would all wear different colors and look very different. Now that we have the new uniforms, it looks more professional and I feel unified with my team." The unifying effect of the uniforms has evidently instilled a sense of pride and professionalism within the group. 

Keelam's sentiments about the tennis program at EHS are unequivocally positive, as she expresses her gratitude not only for the sport but also for the gestures, like the uniform donation from Athleta, that have visibly enhanced the team's spirit and appearance.

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