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By Chase Lacny

During our visit to the Orange Glen High School tennis courts, we had the pleasure of meeting many of their passionate players, including Leslie, who shared a heartwarming anecdote with us. The tale perfectly encapsulated the team's camaraderie. On a day when rain poured down and washed out their scheduled game, rather than disbanding in disappointment, the team came together for an impromptu celebration. In a show of unity and good spirits, they joined voices with the opposing team to serenade a "birthday" athlete, lifting everyone's spirits after the gloomy, rain-soiled afternoon. This act of kindness underscored the tight-knit bonds within the team and their friendly rapport with rivals.

In the world of high school tennis, the cohesion of a team can often be stifled by limited resources. A lack of proper equipment can inadvertently cause a team to feel more like a loose group of individuals than a united front. However, when support comes through—as it did for the Orange Glen High School team—it can be transformative. With the addition of 25 new uniforms and 10 fresh rackets, the team was not just equipped to play but to grow closer, strengthening their ties with one another. This newfound sense of belonging and the ability to present themselves as a unified squad has undoubtedly contributed to their sense of collective identity.

The story of the OGHS tennis team is a testament to the impact of community and support in high school sports. It's a vivid reminder that beyond the matches won and lost, it's the relationships forged and the support given that truly define a team's success.

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