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By Rey Lowenthal

Maria, a 14-year-old high-achiever in her middle college program, has got the balancing act down. Between hitting the books and smashing tennis balls, she's setting her priorities straight with school always at the top. Tennis is a big deal for her, partly because it's a family affair – her siblings are her inspiration to play.

It's not just the sport that keeps Maria coming back, but the team's vibe. They're a bunch of jokesters and open arms, making every practice feel like hanging out with friends. And when they rally around her during a tough doubles match, that's when she really feels at home. Those moments of support are game-changers, turning the tennis court into a place where she truly belongs.

Big thanks go out to Athleta, whose gear donations have leveled up the whole team. With the right equipment and a matching look, they're stepping onto the court with a fresh kind of swagger. That uniform isn't just fabric; it's a badge of honor, a confidence booster that has them walking taller and playing stronger.

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