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By Kennedy Kirby

Matri, a 16 year-old tennis player on the Escondido High School tennis team, is excited about her younger sister joining the EHS team next year. It's the friendly faces and the bond of the team that have Matri looking forward to having more friends to share the game with. She's had a blast so far and speaks highly of the group: "We treat each other very well and it's a really good community," Matri shares, painting a picture of the positive and close-knit environment the team has nurtured.


The energy during practice is always on the rise, according to Matri. Even when the game gets challenging, the vibe stays positive. "Even if someone messes up, we are all very supportive of each other," she reflects with a smile, recounting the supportive nature that's a staple at their practices.

For Matri, tennis is more than just backhands and forehands; it's a way to shake off a rough day. It's her go-to place to unwind and get her head right, especially when the days are tough. She recalls how the team came through for her, saying, "That day my teammates cheered extra loud truly gave me the support I needed."

Talking about their gear, Matri is all smiles for the new team uniforms. "Before we got the uniforms, we were all mismatching, and the uniforms have helped us in a way by giving us a sense of community and unity," she explains. It's clear that these uniforms mean more to them than just matching tops and skirts; they're a symbol of their unity and team spirit.


Matri's take on the Escondido tennis experience is heartfelt. It's about the friends she's made, the support they share, and the excitement of bringing her sister into this warm community.

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