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By Chase Lacny

On October 4th, we visited Orange Glen High School to see their girls' tennis team in action. During our visit, we had the chance to talk with Matthew Lee from the OGHS Boys Tennis team. Matthew, who grew up in Escondido, San Diego, shared, “All we do is try to be positive towards each other.”

The OGHS Tennis team has seen significant improvements recently. This change can be largely attributed to the generous donation from Second Serve, who provided 10 new rackets and 25 new tennis uniforms. This support has had a tangible impact on the team's performance and spirit.

Matthew mentioned how winning feels great, a sentiment echoed by his teammates. This season, the OGHS teams have enjoyed more success, winning three games. The new equipment, combined with a reallocation of funds to improve coaching, has played a crucial role in these victories.

Our day at the tennis courts and conversations with the team members highlighted the positive influence of Second Serve's contributions.


Through donations of tennis equipment, Second Serve continues to make a difference in the lives of young tennis players. They welcome donations of new or used equipment. Your support can help more young athletes like those at OGHS to achieve their potential in tennis.

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