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Monte Vista, a high school in Spring Valley, CA, embraces 36 ambitious players on both

the girl’s team and the boy’s team. The school’s directors and administrators have kept up with the maintenance of the courts, however, tennis equipment has been a struggle; fundraising is difficult in low-income areas. Everyone deserves the amazing experience of playing tennis no matter where they are. Second Serve is here to give others their deserved opportunity to play

tennis. The following is a Q&A done with the head tennis coach of Monte Vista High School, Coach Jason Voss, who tells us how Second Serve’s Wilson grant allowed their tennis team to gain valuable benefits.


Q: What motivates your team and brings them together as a whole?


A: Motivating our team and fostering unity has been a journey that began when I took over a couple of years ago. At that time, we were considered the worst team in the league. However, through continuous hard work and dedication, we've transformed into one of the top teams. The key has been emphasizing more listening, enabling us to identify areas for improvement. We are now on the brink of winning the league, with a recent match coming remarkably close. It's worth noting that our team hasn't secured a victory in 28 years, but the progress is evident as we work tirelessly with our talented players, including both juniors and seniors. Back-to-back years with a winning record, such as our 12 and 6 last year, showcase our commitment to improvement and learning how to function cohesively as a team. Many of our players have even gone on to play tennis in college. Overall, our team has never been more motivated and the Wilson grant has done a great job in making our team a team.”


Q: When it comes to trying new sports, why would tennis be a good option?


A: When it comes to exploring new sports, tennis stands out as an excellent option. Not only is it a sport that enhances racquet skills and leads to better gameplay, but it's also a lifelong activity. With over 90 championships, tennis offers a fantastic cardiovascular workout suitable for all, including students in AP/Honors programs. The intellectual aspect of tennis, requiring players to

think through situations in real time, contributes to building self-esteem. Tennis advocates for your call, making it mentally tough and instilling discipline.


Q: What obstacles interfered with your school’s tennis program without the Wilson Grant?


A: Before the Wilson Grant, our school's tennis program faced obstacles such as difficulty in attracting students to play due to the perception of tennis as a "rich sport." The socioeconomic factor of low-income demographics added to the challenge. However, with the Wilson Grant, these obstacles have been mitigated. Now, we have the luxury of providing equipment without worries about racquets, offering a new variety to enhance the overall tennis experience for our students.

By Alessandra Tiongson

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