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In 2022 Second Serve was given the opportunity to grant the President’s Volunteer Service Award to eight of our amazing team members! The President’s Volunteer Service Award is a prestigious award that honors individuals whose service positively impacts domestic and international communities. There are three levels of recognition: gold, silver, and bronze. 


Three members were given the gold award. Mahima Singh, the National Director of Social Media, has been with Second Serve since the start. Mahima oversees all the Instagram posts, including the excellent graphics! Our National Director of Marketing, Diego Núñez, was also a gold-level recipient. He has been a Second Serve team member since February 2022, he oversees all of the articles that get posted on our website. Last but certainly not least is our National Director of Human Resources, Gavin Vander Schaaf. He has been a vital part of Second Serve in every aspect imaginable, from donations to the non-profit side of things. 


There were two silver-level awardees. Bryson Langford, National Director of Volunteer Services, enabled Second Serve to grant the Presidential Volunteer Service Award to the deserving team members. Fun fact, Bryson is committed to play Division I tennis at Davidson in the fall! Abigail Diamond, Dallas Regional President, is a fellow recipient of the silver award. Abigail is a competitive tennis player and has been a part of Second Serve since early 2021. 


The final level of award that Second Serve was able to give out was bronze. Regional president Neha Sambangi of California is the first to receive the bronze award. Neha is involved with many volunteer groups and is great at promoting Second Serve! Samantha Jacobs has been doing a tremendous amount of work in the past year for Second Serve. Through a tough battle with COVID, Samantha used her love for tennis to serve others and has been awarded for doing so. Saanvi Bapat is also a regional president. Saanvi has been working hard for Second Serve to make a positive impact. 


These eight team members set a great example and showcase the work that Second Serve does. We are so thankful for all of our team members and excited to see what the future holds!

By Abigail Diamond

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