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Second Serve member, Sofia Brusco, has generously organized the donation of tennis equipment to the Boys and Girls Club of Central Illinois, bringing joy and new opportunities to aspiring tennis players of all ages.


Tennis has been a big part of Sofia’s life. She just finished middle school and is excited to try out for the high school tennis team this Fall. When Sofia is not playing tennis, she likes to sketch, paint, cook, go hiking with her family, and hang out with friends. She has been a volunteer for many years with her Girl Scout troop. This experience inspired Sofia to look for more volunteer opportunities leading her to become an active member of Second Serve which combines her passion for tennis with her interest in bringing the sport to others. Second Serve has also made Sofia very aware of the importance of access to quality tennis equipment especially in communities where tennis may not be as easily available. She hopes that the donated equipment will spark excitement amongst the children at the club and offer them a chance to explore tennis and embrace a healthy lifestyle. Sofia wants to encourage exercise through the fun of friendly competition and the team bonding that she has always appreciated about the sport of tennis. 


With this act of kindness, the Boys and Girls Club of Central Illinois will have a new avenue to engage its members and the wider community through tennis and will continue to benefit the club for years to come. Sofia also hopes that as a result of this effort, more people will become aware of the mission of Second Serve so that they can find support and expand their reach to more young boys and girls. 

By Ava Min

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