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By Rey Lowenthal and Chase Lacny

During a recent visit to Orange Glen High School in Escondido, we witnessed the remarkable impact of Coach Susan Pratt's 22 years of coaching experience. Initially leading a team of 20, which then reduced to 10, Coach Pratt has skillfully grown the squad back to a strong team of 36 members.

The team's journey was significantly uplifted by the support from Second Serve, who provided essential resources. The donation included new Wilson rackets and stylish uniforms, ensuring each player was equipped to perform their best.

A standout memory for Coach Pratt involves a student with high-functioning autism. His commitment and enthusiasm, although not the top player, were inspirational. His joy in the team's victories was infectious, leading to memorable celebrations, including a playful water shower for Coach Pratt.

This sense of community and inclusiveness fostered by Coach Pratt has permeated the entire team, creating a family-like atmosphere where everyone feels valued and included.

The contributions from Second Serve have not only revitalized the tennis program at Orange Glen High School but have also impacted other underfunded schools. The equipment and financial support provided by Second Serve, made possible by your donations, are keeping these "families" thriving.

Coach Pratt extends her deepest gratitude for the generosity of all Second Serve donors. We are excited about the prospect of visiting more schools and continuing to make a positive difference in the lives of young athletes. Your support is instrumental in these endeavors.

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